Merrill Trust

50 Years of Vision

Our mission is to create beautiful and engaging communities that improve the lives of the people who live in them.

Who We Are

Merrill Trust and affiliates’ projects describe our ownership, planning, and development history with respect to our various mixed-use master-planned communities, resorts, real estate, and other investments.

Merrill Trust and its affiliated companies have played a fundamental role in the development of key parts of the United States over the past five decades. Through strategic planning and large-scale acquisition in the Southeast and Southwest, the Merrill Trust has served as a catalyst for quality growth and development at crucial periods.

Merrill Trust has owned over 33,000 acres of master-planned communities zoned and entitled by the Trust for over 133,000 lots, holding the previous distinction of being the largest private owner of entitled lots in the United States. The strength of Merrill Trust today positions the entity and its affiliates to remain central players in the continued development of sustainable communities in the greatest nation in the world.



Lake Toxaway, North Carolina

Foxhall Resort

Douglasville, Georgia

Merrill Park

Palmetto and Chattahoochee Hills

Sky Valley

Sky Valley, Georgia