Desert Color Utah

Desert Color, Utah is a joint venture between the Division of State Lands in Utah and private developers including the Merrill Trust. The joint venture controls 3,300 acres of state land on Interstate 15 and the Southern Parkway zoned for over 12,000 residences. The Unique setting of the property creates a special opportunity to blend the natural features of the desert foothills with tired and true community design principles emphasizing social connections, open space and recreational diversity, walkable neighborhoods, convenient regional commercial and retail services, hospitality, and a variety of home types and styles. The community’s primary design focus is to emphasize the orientation to the unique community facilities and open space recreation. This relationship strengthens the fabric of the community and provides visual and physical access to all residents. Open space, circulation, and building orientations seek to create strong vistas to the community lagoons, parks, and natural wash system. Paired with a diversity of home types and styles, this project will be a refreshing community that provides many visual breaks.





Location: St. George, Utah

Size: 3,300 acres

Type: Master-planned Community, Residential

Status: Active



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